Sharing my progress and practicing increasingly complex exercises – Calisthenics Blog #3 – 24/07/19

One of the things I like most about Bodyweight Training or Calistenia, is that you can do it practically anywhere, and the physical and mental benefits are extra ordinary, but just as it has great benefits, there is the difficult part, and that is that, it differs from common training with weights in a gym, because to really progress, it’s not as simple as increasing the weight and the number of repetitions, but you have to modify the exercises and make them more and more complex, and these levels are often difficult to reach, so it is possible to stay for weeks or months working on a complicated progression to be able to dominate it and apply it effectively in your routines.

Such is the case of the exercises that I am going to show you next and that I have been incorporating in my routines for little by little to get over them.


  • Human Flag:

It’s an incredible exercise, one of my favorites, and it’s a trick that I will never stop practicing until I have it perfect, as you can see in the video, I haven’t mastered it to perfection yet.

  • One Arm Pull Up

This exercise is a heroic accomplishment, not many people succeed in doing it… as you can see in the video, I still cannot do it in a strict way, and I am in the progression called «Asisted One Arm Pull Up»; in which you do the exercise helping you with your other hand that in this case holds the forearm with which you perform the traction.

  • Super Sets

In this case I’m not going to talk about an exercise, but a way of doing them, which in this case I call Super Set, is a modality that I’m implementing in my routines and is basically to include several exercises in the same series without rest in between, as you can see in the video, I perform a mixture of three exercises, pull over, pull ups and push ups.

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